Billion Dollar Brows

Perfect brows, just for you.

Billion Dollar Brows was created in the USA to help men and woman all over the globe obtain the beautiful brows they deserve, at a sensible price.

People often forget about their brows, but they are one of the most important features of your face. Beautiful brows can have a dramatic impact on your look and accentuate every facial feature to bring out the best of your look.

What makes Billion Dollar Brows different?

For starters there’s the Brow Buddy, the brow buddy tool uses your unique facial symmetry to take the guesswork out of shaping your perfect brow. This creates the perfect arch, and defines where brows should start and end.

Billion Dollar Brows also provides and great range products to maintain your perfect look between visits to you professional brow artist. To get the best out of your session I will advise on how to maintain the brows between treatments using the Billion Dollar Brows products.

Eyebrow Treatments Chelmsford

Billion Dollar Brows Chelmsford

Billion Dollar Brows is a combination of treatments including hair removal, tinting and enhancements to create a perfect brow shape specifically for you.

6 Simple Steps for the Perfect Brow.

Step 1 – Consultation, any great treatment starts with a deep understanding of you.

Step 2 - Using the brow buddy I determine the perfect size and shape of your brows . Using a brow stencil to define the crop and shape of your perfect brows, you’ll see result before any excess brow is removed.

Step 3 – Tinting is great for adding more colour to your brows making them look fuller

Step 4 - Using the brow buddy’s stencil, I wax and tweeze the brow to give the perfect shape and symmetry. Then I’ll trim the brow for optimal brow depth.

Step 5 - The makeup finish, using BDB powder, brow gel and brow duo pencil, I create a beautiful makeup finish that will enhance the new, perfectly manicured brows while also hiding any initial redness.

Step 6 - The “Wow” moment, amazing new brows.

"Everybody commented how amazing my brows looked after having them done with Cherie, even my husband noticed!"

Billion Dollar Brow (50 Minutes):        £20.00


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