Lash Lift

Don't fake 'em, make the best of 'em.

The ‘Eyeluvlashes’ ‘lash lift is a semi-permanent eyelash enhancement that gives a lasting lash curl and makes eyes appear bigger and brighter.

This lash lift uses an innovative system to lift the lash from the root, not like outdated perming rollers that just curl the middle of the lash. The Eyeluvlashes lash lift reduces over-curling and creates the illusion of longer looking eyelashes, this makes it the best natural alternative to lash extensions.

The treatment will last 8-10 weeks even after swimming and showering, so there is no need to use eyelash curlers, or even mascara! The Eyeluvlashes lash lift is a truly low maintenance lash treatment with lasting results.

We pride ourselves on making every treatment unique and a truly relaxing experience. This is why at Barclay Beauty you get to choose from a complimentary hand & arm, foot & leg or scalp massage during the waiting time in this treatment.

Please Note: A skin patch test will be required at least 24 hours prior to your first lash lift.

“I had this treatment for the first time before I went on holiday and have to say I was very impressed. My lashes looked and stayed amazing, I didn’t need to use my mascara for the whole holiday”

Eyeluvlashes Lash Lift (Approx 60 minutes) - £35.00

Why not complement the look with an eyebrow tint and shape or be prepared for any event, with a gel manicure and pedicure.



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